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RHAM Youth Baseball Safety Guidelines

  1. Safety is the number one priority
  2. SCREENING: Event organizers, staff, coaches, parents, players, umpires/officials must conduct daily symptom assessments (self-evaluation). In other words, if any individual has any symptoms STAY HOME.
  3. PRACTICE: Coaches should keep players in small groups at practice to allow for physical distancing. Practices will be scheduled with at least a 1-hour buffer. GAMES: Will be scheduled with at least a 1-hour buffer to prevent overlap of participants.
  4. No dugouts will be used for practice or games by the teams
  5. Athletes will not be allowed to share their equipment or water bottles
  6. All players will be separated by a minimum of 6 feet.  Players will place equipment at designated areas (tape or painted) on 1st and 3rd baselines.  They are to remain in those spots until on deck where they can move to designated area.  Lineups will be distributed prior to the game so that players know where to go.
  7. Spectators will be limited to 50 and limited to where they can view games depending on fields.  Attendance will be taken
  8. Bleacher usage will not be allowed to ensure social distancing.
  9. Masks will not be required for players or coaches except when distancing cannot be maintained.  A mound visit by the coach.
  10. Coaching boxes 6 feet from 1st and 3rd base will be created at each field to maintain social distance.
  11. Game balls will be switched out in between innings. Defensive teams will use their team balls.
  12. Extra game balls will be provided to ensure that balls remain clean
  13. Practice balls will be disinfected after practice is complete
  14. Umpires will be placed behind the pitcher's mound to ensure social distancing
  15. Players will not be allowed to spit, chew gum or have seeds.  They will also not be allowed to share any drinks or water bottles.
  16. Fields to be utilized:
    1. Burnt Hill Upper 
    2. Burnt Hill Lower 
    3. Vets and St. Pete’s 
    4. Marlborough Park Road 
    5. Marlborough Elementary 
  17. League equipment such as pitching machines and bats will be sanitized prior to being stored away. 
  18. If a player needs a helmet, the league will provide one each player for the season.
  19. League bats to be disinfected after use
  20. One person only in the scorekeeper box at Vets, Park Rd, and St. Pete’s.
  21. A buffer hour between practices and games to clear out fields and prevent social interactions.


by posted 06/18/2020


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