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Dugout Captain
  Dugout Captian Here is a link to Dugout...
Safety Alert!
  Coaches remember, You or anyone else warming...
Interested in Coaching?
  If you are interested in coaching a team with...
Coaches Certification
  Since 2009, all coaches are required to...
Game Cancellations
   Cancellation Guidelines and Game Rescheduling Coaches, If...
Dugout Captain

Dugout Captian

Here is a link to Dugout Captain: https://www.dugoutcaptain.com/.  If you're a coach, you can set up an account by clicking "Join now" in the top right corner.

Log in and take a look around at their "Clipboard" where they can look at drills, train a skill, or plan a practice.

Once you are set up with an account, this link will take coaches directly to your clipboard: https://www.dugoutcaptain.com/my-dugout/

Safety Alert!
Coaches remember, You or anyone else warming up a pitcher before a game or between innings, MUST WEAR A MASK! No exceptions! It's in the rulebook. Look for an extra mask in the green lockbox behind the backstop or use a catchers mask.
Interested in Coaching?

If you are interested in coaching a team with RYB, please fill out the Coach's Sign Up form by clicking on the "Online Forms" button on the left side menu.

Coaches Certification

Since 2009, all coaches are required to be certified through Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken to be eligible to coach in our program. If you are coaching any team, please click here for more information.

Game Cancellations

Cancellation Guidelines and Game Rescheduling


If a game is to be cancelled due to inclement weather, please follow these steps:
Make a telephone call to the Umpire in Chief. Notice of game cancellation should be made no less than 90 minutes before the scheduled game start time. If you can’t get through, leave a voice mail that there is no game. Make note of the time you called.

If you don’t contact the Umpire in Chief within the time frame, and the umpire shows up at the field and nobody is there, he will be paid for showing up! Please help to avoid this situation. Most umpire associations require 90 minutes before game start time to contact umpires with cancellations. Umpires need time to schedule their day and prepare to get to the field. Help them by calling before the 90 minute deadline.

If you think you might be able to play the game during questionable weather, meet at the scheduled time and discuss field condition and safety issues with both coaches and the umpires during your home plate conference. Please think safety when you make this call. The umpires will look to you for guidance in determining whether the kids should play the game or call it. If the game goes on, and the umpires feel that it’s not safe to play, they have been instructed to call the game! Please do not argue with this decision. Safety is our foremost concern.

Rescheduling a game or Scheduling a new game.

You must contact the Umpire in Chief well in advance to reschedule a game listed on the master schedule. This is also the case for requesting umpires for un unscheduled game.  The Umpire in Chief/Scheduler needs sufficient time to enter your rescheduled game or new game so that the system can notify the umpires of their assignments.

Please do not delete any existing games on the master schedule once that game has been approved and entered for scheduling. There are too many things that are tied to a postponed, cancelled or rescheduled game that need to be addressed and accounted for even if a game has not been played. Contact the Umpire in Chief when updating any existing games please.

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