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2019 League Chairperson

 70 foot Baseball - Eric Pinkham

 60 foot Baseball - Rob Schadtle

Rookie League Baseball - Eric May

T-Ball League - Rob Sullivan

League Chair Job Description

· Responsible for the coordination of all activities relating to the baseball program in their respective league

· Coordinates and oversees all league activities including but not limited to: making sure that all uniforms are distributed in a timely manner; making all managers, coaches, team moms and parents aware of all meetings, local rules, conduct expected at all practices and games, roles of all people expected in keeping fields clean, work parties, concession stand assignments, safety items, board member positions and current board members etc.
· Prepares and proposes a list of all team managers for board approval and coaches committee. Oversees all league manager/coach activities.
· Coordinates with and assists the Player Agent and VP in conducting all drafts and/or selection of respective league baseball teams.
· Coordinates with the Safety Director in making sure that safety issues are addressed
· Coordinates with the Development Director and Player Agent to ensure that all managers, coaches and players at all levels are receiving proper instruction.
· Coordinates with the Secretary for scheduling of all games and practices.
· Coordinates with the Umpire in Chief and VP in executing all national rules and in developing and executing all local rules.
· Assists the Cal Ripken/Development Director and VP in overseeing all Post-season tournaments hosted by RYB, both sanctioned and non-sanctioned.
Ensures that coaches are properly updating the website with accurate team information