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RHAM Youth Baseball
5 Year Goals (2012-2017)
  • Dugouts at Veterans Park field (2013) COMPLETED 
  • Concession trailer at Burnt Hill Park (2013) COMPLETED
  • Infield tarps for all Hebron ball fields (2013) COMPLETED
  • Dugouts at Burnt Hill fields (2017) COMPLETED
  • Stands at Burnt Hill Fields (2016) COMPLETED
  • Stands at Veterans field (2017) COMPLETED
  • Fence at Vets moved back to 225’ (2017) COMPLETED


5 Year Goals (2018 - 2023)


 • Successfully merge Hebron Baseball with Marlborough Baseball and create RHAM Youth Baseball (2018) COMPLETED
  • Lights at Veterans Field TBD
  • Utilize Marlborough fields (Park Rd. 60’ & 70’) for practices and games COMPLETED
  • Add a concession to Gilead and remodel Park Rd in Marlborough IN PROGRESS 
  • Development of a universal playbook for coaches of all leagues that establishes a defined structure and common drills & strategies that will progress a players development consistently throughout their time in the RHAM Youth Baseball program. IN PROGRESS 
  • Expand Rookie and Tee Ball in leagues in the Fall season as well. IN PROGRESS