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Welcome to the HEBRON UMPIRE page

You have the opportunity to attend the annual Umpire Clinic held at RHAM High School.


This clinic starts in mid February and runs through to the end of April! 2012 Info to be posted soon!

Hebron Umpires           

Gear for the season can be found in the lock boxes at both St. Peter’s Field and Veteran’s field. If you don’t have adequate equipment at either location, please let us know!

Fill out a time card for each and every game! If you don’t fill out a time card, you will not get paid! Make sure you fill out the time card completely! Make sure you get the time card signed by the home team coach before the game starts! (During the home plate conference is a good time to have the time card signed)
You MUST have a home plate conference before each game! I know that this can be a relaxed responsibility as the season goes on. This does not mean you can skip your home plate conference! You need to practice your home plate conference as much as you can. All umpires in all levels of play, have home plate conferences. Get to know the list of items to go over during the conference. You can print it out from the website and have it with you and read directly from it while you are at home plate! Please get familiar with the Pre-Game Home Plate Conference List. We want you to do the conference before each game. You can keep the list in your ball bag and use it during the conference if need be.



Your safety starts with the gear that you are provided. You must wear all the gear required. NO ACCEPTIONS! From time to time, a ball or maybe a bat will come in contact with you during your game. Be sure your equipment is adjusted correctly so that it gives you best protection. DO NOT umpire a game without a cup! Females included.

Practice safety on the field with you partner, the coaches and players. Be alert and observant! Try to recognize potential hazardous or unsafe conditions.


Umpire Gear      

When you get to the field to do your game, you can find the umpire gear in the green lock box behind the backstop in the same area that the catchers gear is stored. If you're having trouble finding it, ask a coach to help you. It will be in a white/beige canvas bag. Inside the bag will be a mask, chest protector, shin guards and arm guards. Please wear ALL of the gear provided to you! It's a safety thing! Be sure to return the gear to the canvas bag and get the bag back into the green lock box before you leave the field. The next umpire who has to do a game at that field will be glad you did! If there is missing gear, let the Umpire in Chief know.
If you need an indicator, brush, ball bag or hat, ask for a new one.



You will not be contacted by the coach of your game. The coach is instructed to call the Umpire in Chief ninety minutes before the start of the game if there is a cancellation. The UIC will then will call you. If the UIC calls your phone number and you don't answer, the UIC will leave a message on your answering machine letting you know that the game has been cancelled. It is your responsibility to check your phone messages and email for this type of communication. The UIC will also try and post the cancelled game on the website



When you get scheduled for a game, and you find that you can't get to the game due to an emergency, YOU CANNOTcall other umpires on our team to see if you can get them to cover you! You need to contact the Umpire in Chief for scheduling a replacement only! Emergency situations only! 

 A NO SHOW by a scheduled umpire will not be accepted!

Be to the game on time! A minimum of 15 minutes before the scheduled start is a good plan. You need time to get your gear on. Make sure you adjust your gear each time you umpire so that you don't fight with it throughout the game.

If you are contacted by a coach to umpire a game, please call Umpire in Chief to let him know what game the coach is scheduling you for. Every coach that needs umpires should be contacting the Umpire in Chief directly, NOT the umpires themselves.



Be sure to complete ALL of the info on the card! Print your name clearly on the card. If we can't read it, we won't know who to pay! Have one of the coaches sign the card. I usually do this before the game starts or at the home plate conference. After each game place the card in the back of the white three ring umpire binder that is located at each snack shack. Ask the snack shack attendant to help you find the three ring binder. (We usually keep it on top of the fridge!) Sometimes the snack shack will be closed. Hold on to your card and submit it at anytime you see that the snack shack is open again. Be sure to get it in the back of the binder. If you need a timecard to put in your gear bag you can download a copy here. Print out this Time Card form and use it when you can't get one from the snack shack.


Please visit the website and check your schedule to see what games you have been assigned. We suggest that you check the schedule every day as the schedule may change due to umpires with conflicts.
Please update your availability for the rest of this week and next week On Wednesday night of each week. We will make an attempt to load the bulk of Umpire assignments on Thursday night of each week. 
When filling out the availability, start with Friday. Continue on through Sat, Sun Mon, Tue, Wed all the way through till next Thursday. So Thursday’s update will be for next week.
If you have any questions call the Umpire in Chief.
Please reference the master schedule on the left side menu to see what games you might want to do. Then go back and fill in those times on your availability chart.
We have many games that need to be filled.
Boy’s Majors 60 and 70 feet, Boy’s minors, Girls Majors Softball and Girls Minor Softball.


Communicate with you Umpire in Chief. 
Don't feel that you're alone umpiring your games. From time to time the Umpire in Chief will come down to see how you're doing. You have been offered a complimentary drink and a snack from the snack shack at each game. This is a privilege, if you abuse it, you'll loose it!

If you no longer are going to umpire, please return your shirt! If you have been given a shirt by HYBSA, you need to return it at the end of each season! These shirts are owned by HYBSA!