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1.  First, determine your child's baseball age.  For the Spring season, it is his/her age on or up to, April 30th of that year.

2.  Read the league descriptions under baseball or softball on the left side menu under Leagues. There will be a chart listed to reference the current years ages.

3.  If you want your child to stay in the same league as last year, simply register him/her for that league.  He/she will not have to attend an assessment (tryout).

4.  If it is time for your child to move up, presumable, he/she will move up to the next league.  As we have incorporated a new 70 foot base path league, please understand that if your child is moving up from Minors, you need to choose between our 60 foot Majors or 70 foot Majors Program.  Be sure to read the league descriptions carefully.

5.  If you still have questions, feel free to contact an RYB Board Member, or your child's coach from last season.

6.  We recognize that kids want to play with their friends and classmates and we will try to accomodate that  for players in the t-ball and rookie leagues.  Once your child reaches the upper leagues (minors, 60 foot, 70 foot, prep and babe ruth) we can no longer grant requests to be placed on the same team as a friend or neighbor.  We use the draft process to determine placement on a team.