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Tournament and Travel Team Rules & Info.


a)  RHAM Youth Baseball will field teams which will compete in the Connecticut Cal Ripken tournaments in the following age groups:  10 and under and 12 and under.   In order to be eligible for the 10 and under team, a player must be baseball age 9 or 10.  In order to be eligible for the 12 and under team, a player must be baseball age 11 or 12.  These teams will be known as “tournament teams.”  Players shall not “play up.”  For example, a ten year old player may not play on the 12 and under team. 


b)  Tryouts will be held for each of the two tournament teams.  The tryout will be organized by the player agent, the selected tournament team manager, and the Cal Ripken Director.  It is anticipated that the tryout will be held beginning in February and that there will be at least five sessions and that all players will attend at least three sessions.  Notice of the tryouts will be given via email to all eligible families at the email address they have on file with Hebron Baseball and also announced in the Rivereast News Bulletin.  Evaluators who have no children trying out for the team will be recruited to provide input in the process. 


  • The top 8 scorers in the tryouts will be selected for the team. 
  • The next seven players will be designated as “pool players” and will continue to practice with the team until the Tuesday after Memorial Day at which time the manager will make final selections of four to seven players from the pool. 
  • The final selection will be made on the basis of the players’ performance in the tryout and during the regular season.


c)  The tournament team managers shall be selected in the following manner. 

  • Any coach or manager in 70 Foot Major, 60 Foot Major, or Minors during the previous season may notify the Cal Ripken Director of his or her interest in being a tournament team manager by January 15th
  • If more than one individual expresses an interest in being selected as the tournament team manager for a particular age group, the Board of Directors will select the tournament team manager by secret ballot. 
  • A majority vote of all Board of Directors is required to select the manager. 
  • If after one ballot, there is not a majority, the candidate with the least number of votes will be dropped from the ballot and voting will continue in the manner until a manager is selected. 
  • Managers have the right to choose their own assistant coaches.
  • If no individual who was a coach or manager during the previous season expresses interest in being a manager of the team, the Board of Directors will select a manager from any individual eligible to be a tournament team manager under Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken rules.


d)  Players selected for tournament teams must commit to attending all games and practices.  Any parents that cannot commit to being available for the District and State Tournaments should not have their child tryout for the tournament team.  Parents and players must understand that playing time is not guaranteed on tournament teams although all managers are expected to use their best efforts to ensure playing time for all players in each game.


e)  In addition to the tournament teams described above, Hebron Baseball will also sponsor travel teams for players in Minors, 60 Foot Majors and 70 Foot Majors who have not been selected for tournament teams. 

  • These travel teams will not enter Cal Ripken tournament play. 
  • The number of teams and the exact age groups will be determined by the interest shown in kids and parents who wish to play baseball beyond the regular season.
  • It is the intention of Hebron Baseball that these teams will enter tournaments and/or play friendly games and/or join leagues. 
  • It is expected that Hebron Baseball will create a 9 and under team and an 11 and under team. 
  • In addition, depending on interest, the Board may offer additional teams at age groups where there is sufficient interest. 
  • Players may “play up” one age group on travel teams if necessary. These travel teams will play a varied schedule of tournaments, friendly games, and perhaps league play with other towns.


f)  If tryouts are necessary for the travel teams, they will be held in April or May at the discretion of the team manager.  Outside evaluators will be utilized at the tryouts.  At least three sessions will be held and players must attend two sessions.   The top 10 players from the tryouts will be selected and managers will be able to select the remaining two to five players. 


g) Travel team managers will be selected in the same manner as the tournament team managers except that the process will not begin until after the Board of Directors determines how many teams will be formed.


h)  Players selected for the travel teams will be expected to attend all games and practices unless family vacations interfere.  Families are asked to advise the Board as to any planned vacations so that rosters sizes can be set accordingly. 


i)  Upon the vote of the Board of Directors, RHAM Youth Baseball may field an 8 year old travel team.  Players who are aged 8 under Cal Ripken rules may try out for the team.  These players may be in Rookie League or Minors.  The try out will be held under the direction of a manager selected by the Board of Directors, the Player Agent and the Cal Ripken Director.  It is expected that this team will play in one tournament and that it may also play some friendly games.  Players must commit to attending at least seventy five percent of the games scheduled.


j.  All players selected for tournament teams and travel teams will be charged $75 to cover costs.  Scholarships will be available for families for which this charge represents a hardship.


Information regarding Tournament vs Travel Teams:

  • The 10U & 12U Tournament teams are created to compete in the Cal Ripken sanctioned District, State & regional tournaments. These are highly competitive tournaments against teams in towns, states & regions throughout New England that are part of the Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth organization in which Hebron Baseball is chartered. Each level (district, state & regional) offer double elimination tournaments. Each Hebron Baseball Tournament team (10U & 12U) will start at the district level and play until they are eliminated. The schedule and locations of these tournaments are located on the previous tab on this website labeled "Tournament Schedule". Parents must be aware of the time frame of these tournaments when determining if they want their child to tryout for one of these teams. If a family cannot commit to the tournament dates, the child will not be allowed to tryout in fairness to those families who are willing to make the commitment. For a sense of realisitic timing, Hebron teams in the past have not played past the 2nd week of July but the focus and drive of the team will be to play into August.


  • The Travel teams were created in an effort to allow those kids who do not make the tournament team, kids who do not want to play on the tournament team or kids who have a conflict with the tournament team schedule and cannot commit to that time frame, to play more baseball after the regular season ends. These teams will play in mainly local tournaments or friendly games vs local area towns with similar type teams. These travel teams are no less competitive than the tournament teams but the skill level may be slightly lower and the tournaments and games are not determined until later in the season. There is more flexibility with these teams regarding vacations and absences although a commitment to the team is certainly encouraged. Historically, these teams play longer into the summer than the Tournament teams.