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Directions for Signing up for Baseball Concessions
Members are able to log in and sign up for the games in which they would like to volunteer for concessions.  To sign-up for concession volunteering please log into the website and follow the instructions below:

  1. Once you are successfully logged in to the website click on the Concessions Sign Up tab on the far left hand side.
  2. Find the game and proper Date and Time slot and click on the Sign-Up button.
  3. A pop up will appear that says you are “Successfully Assigned”.
  4. If you click on the wrong game or date / time slot simply click on the “Assigned” button and a pop up will appear that says, “Successfully un-assigned”.
  5. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address provided at registration.
  6. The day of the concesssions event you volunteered for a reminder email will be sent to your email address provided at registration.

Please mark your calendars once you are successfully assigned.  If you should need to cancel your volunteer time slot please try to find coverage and if you are not able to do so please contact your team’s concessions coordinator or the Volunteer Coordinator.
Concession Duties:
 Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your assigned event start time to open and set up the concession facility. Your assignment will include selling concessions to spectators and managing a cash drawer during the event. You will also be asked to stay 15 minutes after the end of the event to secure and close the concession facility. Should you have any problems during your concession time slot that you feel needs to be brought to the RHAM Youth Baseball Association please contact the Volunteer Coordinator.
Not registered?
For anyone who is not a registered member with the RHAM Youth Baseball website please contact the Volunteer Coordinator under the Board Memebers section on the left side menu. Please provide the Coordinator with the following information:

First and Last Name
City, State and zip
Telephone number
Email Address
Once your information is received, please provide 24 hours to be updated. You will be notified by email or phone call when your information is successfully updated. 


For More Detailed Information On How To Sign Up For A Volunteer Concessions Event CLICK HERE